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UTOPIA for Windows

For windows 7 and high

Translated into 29 languages

Use the version for your OS to avoid problems during installation

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UTOPIA for macOS

For macOS 10.12 or higher

Translated into 29 languages


The easiest way to make money using mining

If you dream of stable earnings online, then CRP mining is
what you need! This secure and well-trusted mining solution
provides you with a simple way of earning money.

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Main CRP mining benefits


Unlimited number of bots

You can run as many bots as you want as long as each bot works on a separate host. The easiest way is to use a VPS server for this



We use Proof-of-State and Proof-of-Connectivity technologies for mining. They don’t slow your computer and use only a small amount of memory.


Proof of Stake reward

You will receive Cryptons every 15 minutes (block generation time). You will also get Proof of Stake rewards on your Minimal Monthly Balance.


Internal Utopia P2P crypto exchange with the lowest fees to exchange or trade Cryptons

You don’t need to leave Utopia to start selling or trading Cryptons. The ecosystem has an internal CRP cryptocurrency exchange that provides a reliable and secure way to sell and exchange cryptocurrencies. Just enter your Utopia account, open the Idyll Browser, and type CRP on the search line.

Now, you just have to register on the exchange and start trading

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Other ways to use Cryptons

Play poker and multiply your Cryptons

If you want to earn even more Cryptons, you can win them by playing the Poker Game in Utopia P2P. A built-in Texas Hold 'em game provides the most secure and well-organized match games. You can earn money, train your brain, and have a good time with your friends and rivals in one place.

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Use it for private financial transactions

Using Cryptons, you can make any private financial payments fast and free. In addition, you don’t need to enter any personal data. The entire process is protected by multi-level blockchain encryption. Forget about bank cards and other online payment methods. Choose the most reliable and protected way.

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Get bonuses, invite friends and enjoy the
benefits of mining!
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